People say a digital presence is an absolute necessity for a business today. But few speak about the role of content.

Well, the truth is… The endless hours spent in setting up your digital world would be in vain without effective content to complement.

Your website, social media profile, and everything in the virtual world must speak on your behalf. They should tell the world about you, your business and your products and services.

And that’s where intriguing, lively and neat content comes into the play. I deal with that part.

Hey there, I am Abhijeet Kumar. I am your quirky content creator and marketer. And yeah, I write… a little lazily!

So, what do I specialise in?

In my sanest form, I create articles and web content. But have written ads, product descriptions and social media posts too. And I love to infuse subtle humour wherever possible. Yes, that’s what I do – Creating content that doesn’t stress anyone. Neither you nor your readers.

“Abhijeet completed our task well within our timeline and followed instructions.”
– Gary Sorensen @ Upwork

I began freelancing in the summer of 2017. And from marketing to finance and entrepreneurship to lifestyle, I researched and created articles on a range of topics.

But tech product marketing and travel writing are my favourites.

Want to make some fun articles together?

Nyah, I’ll check the Portfolio first