Did you know?
It takes 9 cups of coffee, 23 pizzas and 30 box of fries to create articles that engage the readers.

Well, now you know!

Hey there, I am Abhijeet Kumar. I am your quirky content creator and marketer. And yeah, I write… a little lazily!

So, what do I specialise in?

In my sanest form, I create articles and web content. But have written ads, product descriptions and social media posts too. And I love to infuse subtle humour wherever possible. Yes, that’s what I do – Creating content that doesn’t stress anyone. Neither you nor your readers.

“Abhijeet completed our task well within our timeline and followed instructions.”
– Gary Sorensen @ Upwork

I began freelancing in the summer of 2017. And from marketing to finance and entrepreneurship to lifestyle, I researched and created articles on a range of topics.

But tech product marketing and travel writing are my favourites.

Want to make some fun articles together?

Nyah, I’ll check the Portfolio first